Hi there! My name is Amrita and I'm the owner/designer of Mila James but my most important role is being a mama. I'm a stay at home mom to my three littles, my princess loving seven year old Mila, my sassy four year old Nova and my sweet 4 month old Savi. While I was pregnant with Mila, I had just graduated Fashion School (FIDM) and was beginning my career in the oh-so glamorous (haha) world of fashion. After having her, I couldn't choose between work and raising my baby so since then i've been working on combining my two passions, fashion and being a mommy, cuz why not? Right?!

Why Mila James? Mila is my oldest daughter's name and she is the reason i've created this entire business. She gave me that spark and motivation and now both my girls are giving me all the pushes I need to keep trying! Without them, i'd probably be working a 9-5, while still dreaming about starting my own business. You may think Mila's middle name is James but James actually comes from my husband. It's his middle name and doesn't it just sound so great with Mila? Without his support, skills, and expertise, I'd probably be lost and would have given up by now. This is my way of dedicating something to my loves. 

While I've been working on this business for quite some time now, I've had several hiccups along the way and am still learning and growing so much every single day. 

Mila James is here to offer your littles classic styles for everyday fun! I love using classic pieces with a mix of prints and colors to create different styles. Read more about Mila James here

I'd love to hear from you. Please contact me with any advice, tips, suggestions, comments, or questions you may have about me or Mila James! 


Photo: Arlene Easterwood Photography