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Mila recently received a super fun and special box from Why and Whale. If you haven't heard of Why and Whale, it's a kids subscription box that includes apparel and toys! Read more about the brand here.

When I told Mila the package that was waiting on our doorstep was for her, she was SUPER excited. She was so intrigued finding the variety of items inside the box and was even happier to know there were more than just clothes in there for her. She's used to mama getting lots of apparel packages for her but rarely ever sees toys and colorful items being delivered to her. 

Mila James kids styleMila's surprise box included a unicorn necklace, a puzzle, a colorful pom pom decor piece, a top, and a lollipop. 

Mila James kids style

I love the wonder every Why and Whale surprise pack creates for my little one, she'll never know what to expect and that's what keeps her on her toes! It's great to see her react to toys she might have never chosen for herself but get excited to try something new. Typically she'd gravitate towards princess toys because that's what she loves but seeing something different being delivered to her is a great way for her to learn how to try new things. 

Why and Whale is definitely an enjoyable experience for little ones! Just imagine the feeling you get when you receive your monthly makeup subscription, I don't know about you, but that's one of the best feelings ever, haha! 

To subscribe to Why and Whale, click here.

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