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I never thought this day would come! I mean, I thought it would, but a VERY long time ago! I didn't expect it to take this long for me to finally be able to sell something of my own! It's been a long/sad/painful/hurtful/angry/exciting ride but I will never forget it! Looking at my shop makes me think of all the other things I had imagined to be in there but I can't keep dwelling on what has happened and just keep hoping/trying to make it happen. 

Mila James kids style We're sooooo excited for our shop to be open!! Photo: Arlene Easterwood Photography

I think a lot of the dwelling and staying angry at what has happened comes from all these pregnancy hormones. This pregnancy has been so much more difficult than my first and It's definitely not what I expected. I'm almost 22 weeks here and still haven't got my energy back, still find myself feeling nauseous more often then not, feeling all the belly growing pains, and just all around exhausted all the time. Why can't I be one of those pregnant girls who constantly has that "glow," always look amazing while still hiking/running/jumping/etc. without feeling any symptoms. I'm that pregnant girl you see walking uncomfortably almost every second of the day, sweating from top to bottom and huffing and puffing at the site of stairs. Hahaha, OMG, I'll never forget this time when I was pregnant with Mila and I stayed hot no matter what the weather was. During my baby shower, I was extra sweaty because there were lots of people in one house, and I was finishing up opening all my awesome gifts and I didn't want to get up from my chair because my entire back was so sweaty that you could see it right through my dress, top to bottom. Talk about embarrassing! I slid off the chair and side walked my way to the hallway into a room and changed. Apparently, my kids like to embarrass me from the womb, haha! But I have to say, no matter what, I feel so blessed to carry another baby and can't wait for Mila to become a big sister! 

Mila James kids style When you catch me on a good day! Photo for: The LB Brand - Six Ways Style Challenge  - Sunnies/Shirt: The LB Brand - Skirt: Rachel Pally 

Back to my Mila James journey! I have to say, I'm very proud of myself for building this site on my own (with some help from my amazing hubby) without giving up. Seriously, building a site is no joke, especially when you have no experience doing it. Don't get me wrong, I would definitely get frustrated but anytime I did, my little Mila was right there to sing me the Daniel Tiger frustrated song, you know, "When you're feeling frustrated, take a step back and ask for help." Hahaha! If only she took her own advice when she gets frustrated with her toys. So, I hope the site is a smooth shopping experience for you all and I can't wait to hear your feedback! 

I have decided to not go through with suing or taking any further action on the person who took every penny we had. It was a really big decision but we really can't afford to spend anymore money or time on her. Lawyer fees, court fees, etc. could easily add up and that is all money we could be saving for us and our future. Also, all the energy I do have is saved for Mila, Brian, and getting Mila James to where I want it to be. I'll just have to leave it in god's hands at this point and just hope she learns her lesson and doesn't do this to any other small businesses. 

Mila James kids styleTee: Mila James - Skirt: Splendid - Socks: June & January 

I am SOOOOOO excited that you can finally shop the pieces we do have and I can't wait to see all your little ones having fun everywhere they go in Mila James!! Shop here and please share, comment, and give me all the feedback!! I love hearing from you all and for everyone who has followed us, thank you so so so much for all the support!! 


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