Update Pt. 2

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Ever since I read the detailed email on our production costs, I've been feeling all kinds of things. Of course the main emotion here is sad. Feeling sad is pretty obvious, I mean don't we all feel a little sad when we feel failure? While I know I haven't completely failed yet, it just feels like my ideas have taken a huge step back. HUGE. I'm pretty sure I have to start all over again, from step one. 

Mama and Mila  She helps me stay positive and hopeful. 

I recently did the Revamped Mom Uniform with LB, click here to read more! 

When I'm not sad, I'm upset. Why did I do this, why did I invest my time and money into this. I'm also a little upset at the team I was working with. We were really under the impression our costs would be much more affordable. We knew they wouldn't be able to quote us production costs at our first meeting. We understand the process and we know they have to make samples to know everything that goes into building each piece, which will then help them to cost production. BUT we were given an example price on a couple pieces so we assumed it would be closer to that amount but it was SO not. I feel upset that more companies didn't want to help us when we first started because we are a small startup and why help us when they can make more money off larger brands. I'm upset that we grew this relationship with a really nice team only to find out we wouldn't be able to finish this process with them. I'm upset that I have to start over. I'm upset that I don't know if my collection will ever come out. I'm upset that we are out all this money. Starting from step one with another company only means we have to pay more money. I'm not sure if any of these manufacturer's know but the salary for a stay at home mom isn't very impressive. Last, I'm mostly upset because after talking to a few other vendors, we are learning that we were over charged for the work we've done so far, which really sucks because we had a good experience with the team we chose. 

So within the last couple of weeks, I've been contacting anyone and everyone I can for help. I spoke with one company who immediately scared me. I got on the phone and the guy was extremely aggressive and forward. I don't mind people being forward but it was the FIRST call. I don't know you or your personality so I didn't know how to take it all in. Some of his words were nice but even the nice words came off so loud and mean, haha! 

After talking with him, once again, I got discouraged. So I thought more about what I could do and remembered someone I had met when I first started this journey and decided to reach out to her. She was so helpful when I first met her and I really had nothing to lose so I contacted her. Our email turned into a very helpful phone call. She gave me all kinds of information and told me she'd find some contacts for me. It blew my mind that I was able to find someone in this industry who was willing to help me so much and for nothing in return. It's so hard to find that these days. So, there is something in the works, thanks to her. Check back to hear more deets on that! I'm still waiting on some news so when I hear back and it's positive, I'll be sharing! 

Something else I'd like to share is the support I've received from a shop that I featured in my last blog post. Remember those incredibly adorable vintage knee socks Mila was wearing? (see below and click here to shop!) Well, that amazing shop owner read my blog and reached out to me. She shared some very positive words that I really needed to hear and also shared some of her contacts with me! It just means so much when a shop shows support to another shop, no competition...just love. How often do you see that? 

Mom Fashion

Mama and Mila

This current experience has been pretty negative but I'm so happy with all the positive that it has brought me. I just have to keep reminding myself that if this hadn't happened, I wouldn't have met the people I have. If this hadn't happened, I might've over paid for my products making it difficult for me to sell to all you mama's. Thank you all for being so patient and following along. I'm still working REALLY hard to get this collection up! 

P.S. I have decided not to share anymore pieces from my collection until I hear back from a couple of people I've talked to. I have learned that pieces may be made differently (only to improve what we already have) and we may be switching up fabrics to better fit all the little babes! 


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