Posted by Amrita McIntyre on

All day and night, I stay dreaming about these fabrics. I thought i'd share an update with you all on how our fabrics are coming along. Our goal is to have all of our sample fabrics to our pattern maker by the end of this week, and I sure am hustling to make that happen. 

We've got tons of swatches, beautiful swatches, but in all the wrong colors. It sucks that we have to change up our ideas here and there but again, this is all a learning process, and any true design team can make due with what they have, right? We will definitely make the best of what we can find! 

Where it gets difficult is when the button company has 2 styles we want but not the third, and it won't be shipped from Germany in time or the ribbon company only has 1/2 inch elastics but we need 1/4 inch, but they have almost everything else we need, which means we have to go to another person just for that one thing. So here I am, trying to contact like a million vendors (okay, so it's not a million, but you know) for our super small collection. I can't imagine what would have happened if we were to have done the entire collection we originally came up with. 

I'm staying positive, I know I can do this! Once i'm able to hand off these sample fabrics, i'm so celebrating with a big glass of wine! Mmmmm, can't wait! 


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