The Quarantine Diaries

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Well, well, well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve written, looked at, or even thought about my blog! Almost 11 months to be exact! Crazy! To be honest, I was a little discouraged to blog because when I moved my site over to Shopify, all the images from my past blog posts didn’t move over correctly so I was left with a mess of blogs. I kept telling myself I should fix it but to go back and find all the images, re-insert them in, etc. was just not high on my list of things to do. I mean, do people still read blogs? For my sake, I hope you do, haha!
Enter, SIP. Once this whole thing started, I began thinking of all the things I could finally finish because naturally, I thought I’d have all the time in the world, right? WRONG! With SIP comes homeschooling, god bless all the teachers, amirite?! I’ve been homeschooling Mila while keeping Nova busy, making meals, cleaning, doing laundry, working on Mila James all while hearing I’m bored, can we go somewhere, can I have a snack, etc. ALL DAY LONG. While I’m used to doing most of those things on a regular day, things have just heightened a little and well, it’s pretty exhausting, as you all might know and can relate! Trying to stay positive here and hopefully we'll see the light at the end of the tunnel really soon! 
Mila James Motherhood

I finally told myself to fix these blogs and I DID IT! I stayed up till midnight for almost a week trying to work on them between the kids bedtime and my bedtime. They aren’t all as well put together or the same as they were before but I’m happy they all finally have images to go along with the story. WOOP WOOP! So now that that’s done, it’s time for me to add a few more posts in the journal here! 

As you all might’ve seen and have GREATLY supported me on (You rock!), we’ve added a few new tees to the shop! Those are tees that I’ll continue to keep in the shop and change up the color combo’s. So if you have any suggestions on colors, leave them in a comment below! I hope to re-stock sizes as soon as I can but for now, most manufacturers have sold out of tees and aren’t re-stocking as quick as they normally would. If you’re on the look out for a color/style/size, be sure you’re following me on Instagram or subscribed to our newsletter! That’s where I make my re-stock announcements. 

Mila James Mom TeesNow, new things for the kiddos. We have a few things in the works! A couple new tees + a new reversible dress! (There's a little sneak peek of a new graphic tee we'll be adding into the shop on Nova in the first blog image 😉) I’ll hopefully start sharing some images soon, but we just finished up cutting the fabric for our seamstress to start sewing up the dresses which will free up some time for us to start screening our new tees! As you know, my husband and I screen all our tees ourselves and we use a local seamstress to sew our more difficult pieces (dresses/skirts). So happy I am able to support a local seamstress during these difficult times all while we all practice social distancing (door pick-ups/drop offs and all communication has been done over the phone).

In our downtime, if that even exists, I’ve been trying to get more images done to hopefully update the site and update my Thank You cards that you all receive in your packages! I was so lucky during our Mother’s Day sale that I ran out of my regular mailers! Seriously still shook from that sale! Since I’m not able to do any local in person markets during this time, I’m hoping I can find all the time I need to update your online experience! 

Mila James MotherhoodI can’t wait for you all to see the new stuff! I don’t have any launch dates set yet as it’s hard to see how things will be going for us and our seamstress but I’m excited for what’s to come! For now, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little update on what I’ve been up to and don’t forget to follow/subscribe to our email list to know first when new products will be hitting the shop! I usually purchase items in very small amounts as Mila James is still quite small and run mainly by myself, I don’t keep much stock on hand! Don’t miss out!  Subscribe/follow now! 


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