The dress that never was

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You know that amazing dress I've been sharing? We secretly did it in another fabric/color but because we can't go through with it, I didn't want to share it...until today. When I thought the Summer line would come out before Summer, the dress was also done in this beautiful floral linen print. Perfect for Summer/Spring but not Fall, so we had to say bye. BUT, we do have one sample size that Mila is quickly growing out of (tear). 

In Mila's room, I have a small clothing rack that holds most of our samples and the dress was hanging there looking as cute as can be. While getting ready for the day, Mila starting crying and in her most whiniest voice said "dress, dress, pea (please) mama, dress" and pointed to her dainty little dress. This is the first time Mila has shown any interest in what she wears (proud mama moment here)! So of course, I had to put the dress on her and OF COURSE I had to share with you all! Oh! and she needed her little purse to go with the outfit too, hahahaha! It was almost too cute to handle. 

She twirled around all day in that dress, shopped with me, danced to some live music with daddy, played in the water fountain and ran around at the local mall park. I so wish that all the little girls could wear this as their Sunday best, maybe next season! Trying to stay hopeful here! 

Anyway, what do you think? The linen material really brought out the fit and flare silhouette of this dress. The ruffles on the sleeves really stand out and the overall shape of the dress holds up great. One thing about linen that I hate is that it wrinkles easily but that definitely didn't take away from the dress. 

Mila James kids style

Dress: Mila James Purse: Raine and Skye 

Mila James kids style

Mila James kids style This girl LOVESSSS shoes! 

“"She danced all night and all the way home"”
— Kate Spade




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