The Dress 2.0

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I'm so excited to share this new version of our fit and flare dress! The idea came to me almost immediately after I had the original fit and flare dress produced and, well, because of all that happened, I couldn't afford to produce anymore. 

Mila James kids styleAll photos by: Arlene Easterwood

Are you ready to hear what the update is?!?! **Drum roll please** It's REVERSIBLE! Haha, definitely playing this up a little, I know reversible fashion is nothing new. What gave me the idea of making the dress reversible is wanting to see pops of color peeking through the sleeves and the bottom of the dress. I live for the tiny little details! I mean, how cool is it to see an accent color under the dress when our little ones twirl around in them! I also like the idea of providing pieces that you all can get the most use out of while your kids can still fit in them. 

Mila James kids styleHow pretty is that accent color peeking through the ruffle sleeves...

Mila James kids styleand peeking through the twirls! 

Mila James kids styleSame keyhole button closure. 

I have all kinds of color/print combos in mind but again, my brain works faster than my bank acct can fill back up, haha! So far, I've chosen 4 colors to hopefully release in the Fall. I'm not sharing all the fun details just yet but I had to share my default color, which is black, because all black everything is life! What I love most about black is that you are able to style it anyway you want and it's so classic. The reversible color paired with the black is a super pretty brown. Perfect for pairing with all your favorite Fall colored knee socks. The fabric for these dresses are a linen blend, so it'll be perfect for the colder weather and the structure of the dress will hold up well! I love seeing the ruffle sleeve stand up a little straighter for a more chic-y deeky look. 

Mila James kids style

The dress has the same silhouette as the previous fit & flare with updated fabrics, colors and details! Still perfect for skipping in, jumping in, twirling in, dancing in, being cool in, kicking the dirt in, exploring in, being oh so sweet in, laughing in and having so much fun in! #havefunlittleone®

Mila James kids style

Right now, I'm in the process of finding someone new to help produce these dresses for me. I worked with an awesome pattern maker to create the patterns and samples and I am so happy with how they turned out. I am really hoping I'm able to find someone soon so I can set a launch date for these twirly fit and flare dresses. I'd love to work with a seamstress who just enjoys sewing and can provide me direct one on one service, so if any of you know of anyone, please share! For now, this is all I have and the hopes of finding a loyal and affordable team to help create these pretty little pieces. 

Mila James kids style

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Photos: Arlene Easterwood


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