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Ahh, feels like forever since my last update! We've been extremely busy, not so much with the business but more so with my first job, Mom'ing! We recently had to move, so we've been packing/unpacking and I've learned that moving with a toddler is NOT easy or fun! Will these boxes every unpack themselves? I swear, Mila can totally hear me unpacking through her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and that's when she decides to run over to me and get whiny and needy! Oh well, we'll just live out of boxes till she's 30, it's cool.

Anyway, if you haven't already seen, we received another set of samples from a new team and they came out great! Now we wait for all the larger costs to get calculated and sent over to us. This process is not quick or easy, but no matter what season it is, I want to get this collection out to you! We'll find a way to style these pieces no matter what season we are in! Haha. While this process has taken longer than I imagined, I'm definitely trying to stay positive and telling myself it will day. I can't rush a good thing, right? Maybe a little? I'm already wanting to start producing Fall! My brain keeps going and the designs won't stop running through my mind.

Till we are able to share more on our collection, I'll be sharing some fun photos of Mila supporting other mom shops that I've found and can't get enough of! I love supporting other small shops, it's great to see others design/create/produce/sell their ideas! Here are a couple of trendy shops we love!

Mila James kids style


Hi-Low maxi dress from Little Foot Clothing Co. 

My fearless little babe! Shirt from Little Wonderland Clothing!

Mila James kids style

Mila James kids style

Mila James kids style

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