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There is nothing more I love than a good sample sale. Seriously, the feeling of a sample sale...the rush, the craziness, the excitement, I mean, it's the best feeling ever! And of course, the feeling of getting something amazing at crazy discounted prices, I felt like such a winner walking out of that building.  

I wish these were all mine, UNFORTUNATELY, due to student loan payments, my bank account told me to pick one. Fortunately, my cousin and I wear the same size! haha

Freda Salvador Sample Sale Mila James Blog Post

Today, I went to the Freda Salvador Sample Sale in San Francisco. For those of you who don't know Freda, the brand is known for its luxurious leathers and edgy yet classic style. I went with my husband, who by the way, has become a total expert on what I love and grabbing it quicker than most women! haha! And my cousin, who like me, is a sample sale addict. By now, my husband has learned the ropes, what we both love, and he just goes to town. It's so helpful to have that many hands grabbing what you love because once it's gone, it's gone forever! 

The one thing I absolutely loved about this Sample Sale was that I saw at least 1-2 workers there that were wearing their babies! It was so sweet! I love that the company is so understanding of their workers, who are also mothers, and allow them to combine their two roles. It's so hard to find companies these days that not only care about their employees, but their families. I was already in love with Freda, but now, i'm head over heels. This is exactly the reason why i'm trying to start my brand. I hope to grow like them and give other mom's the opportunity to work and still be mommy's. I saw no harm in the babies being at the sale, the job got done, and it was done in the cutest way possible. Good job team Freda! 

Here are a few pics of my favorite find from the sale! The best part about these is that you can wear them 3 different ways! 

A few tips I have on Sample Sale'ing:

  1. Go early - (I mean, EARLY, not 30 minutes or even an hour, i'm talking hours! Bring blankets, coffee, friends, anything you need to stay comfy) 
  2. Be quick! - Do not dawdle while you're in there, everyones going to run all over you and you'll never find anything cute. 
  3. Grab, grab, grab! -  Grab anything and everything you like, find a corner and then make your decisions. Don't decide as you shop, you shop and then decide. 
  4. Be sure - Make sure you are completely confident in your decisions before you put anything back because more often than not, there is another woman standing nearby waiting for you to put that item down so she can grab it, and she'll grab it before you even let joke! 
  5. Pack light - Don't bring a big purse with a ton of things you won't need. Before the sale starts, eat your snacks, drink your water (hydration is key when sample sale'ing), and have someone take everything you brought back to the car. The only items you'll be needing here are your phone (for checking your bank account), your ID, and credit card. 
  6. Be strong - Sample sales are not for the weak. Don't let someone con you out of an item you're debating on. If anyone asks you if you're keeping what you have, you ALWAYS say yes, even if you aren't sure. Like the saying goes, "There's no crying in baseball!" That saying applies here and you only have yourself to blame if you let something go.

I support any brand that supports their mommas! Go Freda! 





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