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If you haven't heard of Mumzy yet, you're so missing out! Mumzy is a crowdfunding platform made just for moms! Amazing, right?! Mumzy is dedicated to supporting mom's who want to help other moms, share their ideas, or need help growing their businesses. I decided to launch my own project for Mila James through Mumzy. Being a stay at home mom with TONS of student loans doesn't make it easy for me to find funding help. Banks aren't really jumping out of their seats to help this momma out, haha, so I started looking into crowdfunding to help us get further with Mila James. At first, I was planning to go through Kickstarter but when I came across Mumzy, I knew this was the way to go. Anyone who is dedicated to helping mothers has my support. Kickstarter seemed a little intimidating to me, I'm not at all tech-y, which is what I was seeing a lot of on there. People have much larger projects so for a small business like me it seemed as though my project would have gotten lost in all that. Mumzy has helped me along the way in creating and launching my project on their site. I love the one on one interaction I've been getting with them, it made things so much easier for me. 

"Ask any mom, and she’ll tell you that being a mom is her priority, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have other passions that motivate her. Sometimes it’s the lack of resources, funds or spare time that makes it hard to launch ideas and passions. We are here to change that."
— Mumzy

If you'd like to donate to Mila James, please click here. Any help is much appreciated! We are super close to getting into production and we'd love the opportunity to continue this process and get our designs on to your little babes as soon as possible! I've connected some rewards to your donations which include our graphic tee's and bodysuits. The fabrics we have chosen for these pieces are extremely soft and I know you'll just love it! The graphics we have designed will be very minimal and chic. We plan to share the graphics we are using once we get our prints back from our screen printer. We want to make sure everything looks great and the designs we've created work well with all the fabrics before we release them. Nothing but the best for our little shoppers! 

Brian and I have worked really hard to get to this step and we'd love any and all support we can get. With your help, we will be able to get the rest of the materials we need for production, get our first collection manufactured and into our online shop! If you are unable to donate (which we TOTALLY understand!), please share with someone who you think may be interested in supporting a small business. Once again, you can click here to view the project. Be sure to also support Mumzy, like them on Facebook and follow on Instagram and Twitter as they grow this helpful platform for momma's everywhere! 


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