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So...if you've been following me on social media, you know that Mila has turned the big T-W-O! Which means now we enter those "terrible two's" that everyone talks about! I've never really thought there was any truth behind that stage, or maybe I just thought that all kids have their difficult phase at different times, because all kids grow differently, right? Well, in my case, I was WRONG! 

Mila James kids style

Just when I thought I had everything under control, Mila had to go off and change the plans and grow up! Mom'ing has been pretty difficult the past few days. Mila's been extra whiny, fussy, needy, loud, mean (hahaha, only to me!), etc., etc. She hooks her fingers right onto my pants while I'm making breakfast, climbs all over me as soon as I try to get up to clean, makes this super annoying screaming sound when we are in public, ALWAYS messes up her hair RIGHT when we are about to pull up to our destination (I mean, how does she know?!?!), ALWAYS runs away from me when we are out, stuffs her face with food then spits it right back out, and her new favorite words are "No Way, Mama!" WHO TAUGHT HER THAT!! OH! And she's picked up on all kinds of new words but as soon as she's crying for something she can't seem to put together what exactly it is that she wants. C'mon Mila! 

I thought having a newborn and breastfeeding was hard but spending my days with a fresh toddler wins the title! While I love Mila being able to feed herself, I don't love that she only wants to eat from my plate! There must be something about my plate that just looks way more appealing than her own. I swear, if I'm not skinny within the next few months from Mila eating all my food, It's because I've eaten all the ice cream in California in hopes of finding some kind of comfort from hearing "No Way, Mama" all day.

Mom'ing is hard, like seriously, it's HARD! I don't think I've ever done something that requires my attention and tests my patience all day long, every single day. I always wonder, is it this way for all moms? Should I feel bad for feeling the frustration that I feel? Who knows.   

You know what's funny though? I'm watching Tallulah on Netflix, have any of you seen that? Not to ruin the entire movie but there's a super adorable little girl in it and all I can think about is my little Mila and how much I miss her right now! Since it's almost 1 am and she's doing my favorite activity, sleeping, I thought I'd take this time to relax, recuperate, and reset so I'm fully prepared for what my active little 2-year-old has in store for me tomorrow. I know this alone time is so valuable to be a better mom but seeing this little girl makes me want to wake Mila up to play. Whyyyy, hahahaha! No matter what stage she is experiencing, what emotion she is expressing, how hard she's stomping her little feet, how loud she's yelling, or how hard she's tugging on my pants...she'll always be my most favorite person in the whole wide world. I wouldn't change one thing about her and I secretly hope she always and forever eats off my plate. 

Mila James kids style

Mila James Update: We are planning on going to LA next weekend to discuss production costs. This is the part that hurt us the most with the last team so I'm super nervous to hear what the costs will be with the current team we are working with. I've been more and more discouraged BUT I am still trying to get this collection going. As easy as it would be to stop right now, I feel like I would always wonder. What if I kept going and got the collection out, what if? It could easily flop, I mean, I'm trying to get a Summer collection out and we are quickly approaching the end of Summer. Obviously I was hoping to be selling when Summer started but since plans don't always work out, I'm now working on ways to style some of the pieces that'll easily transition them into the Fall season! Can't wait to see what you guys think! 




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