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Mila James Mom Style

Even though I haven't blogged much, I've still been working on Mila James and trying to make it into something! I've been silent for the past few months because I didn't know what to share and was hoping the next time I'd be sharing any news it would be good news, possibly production news. I'm still not able to share that but I am starting to feel a little better on where I am in this process (even though it feels like it's taking me FOREVER)! It seemed like every time things were starting to look a little better, something negative would happen. Well, actually, it didn't feel like that, it really WAS like that. 

I am still working on getting my designs sewn and ready to sell, I just don't have any exact dates yet. The few pieces I am hoping to have produced soon won't be my entire vision but it will be pieces of it and that's better then nothing, right? It just sucks so bad when you have all these ideas that you want to come to life, but you just can't make it happen as quick as you'd like. Oh well, it is what it is. 

Mila James kids style After a recent Fashion Mama's x The Tot event in SF, just had to stop and take advantage of this black wall! 
Most of the designs I've turned into my pattern maker were looking to be a little too pricy to be made right away (again, sucks when you can't bring your ideas to life) but I knew I wanted to have some super comfy/stretchy basic bodysuits for the little ones. So I took that idea and added a small keyhole neck detail to make it a little more trendy. I was just talking with my husband about this and I'm pretty sure this is a 90's trend, amirite? or no? I feel like I used to see this trend a lot in the 90's, unless I'm having dejavu, who knows. Either way, I thought this was a great way to add a trendy touch to a classic piece. Hope you like it! Mila James kids style
Mila James kids style Shirt: Mila James | Bow: Penny & Mama | Pants/Shoes: Zara Kids
Mila James kids style

These two!  Penny is wearing our Floral dress! 


There are so many ways to style this piece and I can't wait to show you all! 


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