Final Samples!!

Posted by Amrita McIntyre on

We picked up our final samples last Thursday and you could pretty much see the excitement right through us! All the minor adjustments we made to a few of our pieces came out exactly how we imagined! So there I was, holding my entire collection in my hands thinking WOW, this is my life right here. This is what I've been wanting so bad and it's finally starting to happen! It's a feeling I haven't felt in a while, career wise, and it was such a great feeling. 

After the fun pick up, I went right over to the screen printer to drop off the pieces that need to be screen printed on and I'm hoping to pick those up within the next couple of days. I'm seriously DYING to pick those up because once we do, all the fun stuff can start to happen! I'm so ready to do my photoshoots, flat lays, and get our site ready to go! 

Next steps: Now that we have our final samples, I'll be mailing them over to the team we've been working with in LA to cost out production for us. Once they are able to cost out production, I'll go out and purchase the rest of the materials needed to make the collection and hand it over. The hard part is not knowing if we will have the opportunity to move on to the next phase in this process.

Financially, we've invested so much of our money already that we may not be able to put ourselves through production. As you all know, we've started a crowdfunding campaign on Mumzy (click HERE to find out more), we'd appreciate any help you are able to give. Even a share would be extremely helpful to us! Help us spread the word! Either way, I know I will, no scratch that, I HAVE to find a way to get this collection up and onto your little babes! 


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