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If you're here and reading this, then YAY! I'm so glad you're here and excited to get to know about our new products.

Let's start with the new graphics. The thought of Less Violence More Fun came to me when I read about yet another school shooting. We recently moved all based on the reason to get Mila into a great school district. As parents, we all want the best for our little ones. We do what we need and can do for them in hopes to set them up for all the good things in life. While we are gearing up to get our oldest into elementary school, I couldn't help but to think, what if this happened to her? I mean, no matter how hard we try to get our kids into the very best of the best of schools, no one can really run from violence. It's everywhere and if you're like me, you'll probably spend most of your days worrying about it more than you probably should be. It hurts my heart knowing that someone can walk into a school filled with CHILDREN and hurt them. 

less violence more fun mila james

Let me start this second part off by saying I'm a worrier, I always worry and honestly, I'm not sure why I do, but it's me. While I know this is who I am, I definitely do not want this trait to trickle down to Mila. For a slight second, I thought about home schooling Mila because of how worried I was getting from everything I read on the daily. Then I told myself, I can't let that hold Mila back. I can't let her think it's okay to let fear hold her back! Which then led me to "Be Brave & Have Fun." 

be brave and have fun mila james

So now that you know the meaning behind the tees, let's talk more about the tee itself. As you know, I'm still quite small as a business and let's be honest, business isn't doing great. Creating something as simple as a graphic tee can cost A LOT. First, you create a pattern and for a tee, that seems a little unnecessary. I mean, a tees a tee, right? It's pretty classic. After you create a pattern, you have it graded. Grading a pattern is basically creating a pattern for each size run you plan to do. After that, you mark and cut the fabric, then you sew. Every step in that process costs monies. So, my next thought was, how can I find cute tees for kids made here in America. I was lucky enough to find another mama who wholesales her amazing tees, which she cuts and sews herself (hello handmade!). You guys, these tees are not only so stylish but they're super soft! They're 95% rayon from bamboo + 5% spandex. I was totally on board with supporting another creative mama who hand makes her pieces here in the US! If you'd like to check out her shop, click HERE

Graphic Tees Mila James

If you plan to purchase and support Mila James in the launch of our new graphic tees, please keep in mind that I've ordered super low quantities and they may sell out quick! I do plan to restock but can't guarantee a timeline on the restock date! 

Next up, our reversible skirt, denim edition! This time around, I knew I wanted to do some sort of denim. I absolutely love denim and can't live without it! It's classic, it's chic, it's vintage, it's modern, it's everybody's go-to! When working on this piece, I wanted to find a local seamstress. This time around, I really wanted to be close by in hopes to have better luck with production and hopefully support another local. Once again, I got lucky! (I should buy a lottery ticket!). The skirts turned out GREAT! 

Denim Skirt Mila James

One thing to remember with reversible pieces, often one side will slightly peek through to the other side (when you lay the piece flat, you may see a little bit of the reversible color peeking through on the bottom). That being said, I try to find fabrics that will compliment one another so when one color is peeking through, it'll still look stylish! 

Last, "The Fun Mom" tee! I mean, there's really nothing I need to say here but ALL YOU MOMS NEED THIS!! You're a FUN mom and you deserve to have fun not only with your kids but in all that you do! Fun doesn't stop at playing with dolls and cars, or whatever it is your kid wants to play with. We all know motherhood is exhausting, just remember to make it fun! 

The Fun Mom Mila James

To wrap up, I just want to share a few thoughts. When I create and think of what I'd like to share next with you all, I really try to think of colors/fabrics/designs that will really fit any style or closet and will allow you to get major use out of it! I want you to be able to use Mila James to dress up any and all of your little ones' favorite pieces. I want your littles to be able to dress up their classic denim skirt with their glitter filled, ruffle sleeved top or pair their graphic tees with the fluffiest tutu they twirl in. Our pieces are made for the most classic to the most EXTRA little girl. Fashion should be fun and styling can be easy with the right pieces. Classic pieces for everyday fun! 

Happy shopping and keep it fun, mama's! 

Mila James Graphic Tees




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