Because Snacks are Life!

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As you all know, I'm now a mother of 2 and going from one baby to two has had some challenging moments so far. I say that as though I've been a mom of 2 for a long time, haha, nope, just a little under 2 months into this new role. But seriously, it's a game changer. I've spent most of my time sitting with the baby, nursing, cleaning diapers, trying to split my attention, entertaining my 3 year old, amongst many other things. 

Mila James kids styleI can't get enough of these two! (Bow: Nova - Hello Wild Baby Co Mila - Bee Frances Onesie: L'ovedbaby Mila's Dress: Gap)


One thing that gets so difficult with a new baby is getting up every time my little one wants a snack, which is A LOT! Nova really only naps when it's on me or swaddled, once I put her down without a swaddle, I have about 10 minutes before she's awake and needs my attention again. While I absolutely love snuggling my little Nova during every nap, her big sister also needs my attention. 

Mila James kids styleSnacks are her everything! (Top: Mila James Snack Cup: Nuby)

The Nuby Snack N' Sip cup has been so helpful during snack time. Not only does it hold Mila's drink of choice, which is usually juice but she never finds that in there because h20 is the way to go, along with a snack. I'll typically fill it with a new snack every time I can break away from the baby, and set the cup back down as if nothing ever happened. I do this because if she knew I was putting a snack in there every time I had the opportunity, she'd inhale it right away, haha! So now, when she asks for a snack and I'm busy with the baby, I tell her to check her cup and she's excited every time she opens it! I come out looking like a super hero of a mom with magical powers and she's one happy little girl, for about 10 minutes till she's hungry again! 

Mila James kids style

Snacks + toddlers are no joke so moms, do yourself a favor and GET THE CUP! I'm hosting a giveaway on my Instagram right now, head over, enter and pray to the snack gods that you win! If you don't, you can purchase one on Amazon, or at Walmart and Babies R' Us! 


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