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As much as I only love sharing the good news of building this brand, I have to share the bad as well. Last Friday we received our production costs and WOW, they were not at all what we expected. After reading it, it totally felt like this high I've been on crashed so suddenly. I must say, I'm pretty bummed. Being this is my first time ever trying to do something like this, it's hard to think of what the next option would be because I really don't know. 

A couple days later, the Mila James crowdfunding campaign on Mumzy ended and it wasn't as successful as we had hoped but I am so extremely thankful to those of you who did support my journey! Thank you so so much! 

Mila James  

Mila's wearing our super soft and stretchy Ice Cream bodysuit. Bow: Penny and Mama Socks: Pride Socks

The combo of those two events happening so close, it really just felt like a weight dropped directly on top of everything Brian and I are wanting with this business. We've invested so much of our time and money into this already, we can't just quit now! So we are trying to find another way to get our designs out there! While I really wanted our collection to be live on the site before Summer, it may not work out for us that way. We've started to contact more manufacturers to see what kinds of costs they can offer us, hopefully we will hear back soon and the ball will continue to roll for Mila James. It's just really hard because we've grown a relationship with the team we've been working with and it really sucks to have to find and trust a new team to deliver us high quality products, but we gotta do what we gotta do, I guess . 

Please continue to follow and support my journey. My plan is to continue on with everything I've been doing with Mila James. I'll still be sharing sneak peeks, flat lays, styling tips, and we'll be starting to work on our first look book soon! I'm still really excited for that! This is not going to stop me from continuing to do what I've always wanted. I know this will happen for Mila day! 

“Hey! I’ma keep running cause a winner don’t quit on themselves. ”
— Beyoncé


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