And then comes Fall

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Summer is quickly coming to an end and I don't know if you've noticed but we have no collection yet. We are going to LA this Saturday to meet with our pattern maker and discuss production costs. I am so scared but so excited at the same time. I have this feeling that things aren't going to go as planned for whatever reason but I'm trying to find something positive in this. I feel like the last production costs really burned me...probably because they were THAT high, haha! 

So now that Fall is coming, I need to find a way to transition our pieces into the new season! Of course I won't be launching our super cute crop tops but I do have some new ideas that I hope can come to life for Fall/Winter with the few pieces that I'll be transitioning from our Summer collection. 

This entire process has been emotional and unmotivating. I feel as though the industry is beginning to be built off of large companies and less on small designers and business owners. I mean, I get it, they need to make their money and the larger folks can afford more and obviously I also shop at bigger retailers (I can never resist Target, no matter how hard I try). I just wish more people were available to help the poor startups, lol! Even if I am only able to make 5 pieces, I'll make those 5 pieces and sell the hell out of them! Haha! 

I styled our denim shorts and floral dress for Fall to give you all an idea of how you can use these pieces for both seasons. The styles are pretty endless with these two pieces, you can mix and match different colored tights, different tops/sweaters with the shorts, cardi's with the dress, etc.! The possibilities are ENDLESS! I myself can't wait to get Mila a little faux leather jacket (because leather, duh!) and pair it with both pieces! So cute, right! 

Mila James kids style Insert all the heart eyes here! Top: Leia Roux Shorts: Mila James Socks: Pride Socks
Mila James kids style There's something about this photo that makes me sing "Oh girls, just want to have fun!" You're welcome for getting that stuck in your head all day! 
Mila James kids style I have the cutest little models! I can you NOT smile when you see this face! Bow: Penny and Mama Shorts: Mila James Tights: June & January   

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