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My name is Mama, or mommy, or what my now 4 1/2 year old who totally sounds like a 14 year old when saying it will sometimes call me, Mom. Well that's what I mostly answer to these days, but my human name is Amrita, or baby, if Amrita is too hard. Baby is my family nickname and now that I think of it, as I age, I hear less and less of Amrita and more Mama or baby. Oh well.

Mom fashion

Anyway. I'm sure a lot of what I'm about to say is a repeat of my very first blog but I still wanted to share since I have a few new followers and know that going back on the blog list isn't what new followers want to do! I'm here to make your life easier. 

Before I get into Mila James, here's some fun facts about me. I'm married to someone I went to junior high and high school with but never knew each other more than a hi/bye while passing in the halls. We'll be celebrating 10 years of marriage this year! I grew up in a small town, Modesto, in California but currently reside in the bay area. We move A LOT! When I was pregnant with Nova, we moved from the bay area to LA then back to the bay before I delivered and are currently looking to move again, not at all because we want to but because life. While I absolutely love California, the cost of living and just about everything else is ridiculous and sometimes wish I lived in another state but also, can't ever leave this state. I love shopping a good sale, drinking beer, fries and ice cream have my heart, I spend way too much money at Target, sometimes I eat healthy and sometimes I don't, I like to keep things balanced. I love styling my girls and myself! I'm a huge movie go'er (when I can). My new all time favorite movie is Bohemian Rhapsody and "Don't Stop Me Now" is always number one on my playlist when I work out. Something about repeating "Don't stop me, don't stop me, don't stop me," over and over gets me to push through those last few minutes on the treadmill! My playlist consists of a huge range of music from Queen B to Queen because I'm super indecisive, even with my taste in music. Don't even try asking me where we should go out to eat because you'll probably never eat! HAHA! I'm a huge introvert and get nervous when I meet people IRL but eventually loosen up. People who hug all the time scare me, don't hate me please lol, but this has a lot to do with my being an introvert. So if you meet me in person, just know that I'm probably nervous and that's why I'm being weird, haha! One of my biggest goals this year is to get over this in hopes to get better about getting Mila James out there!

Now, back to Mila James. I've always loved all things fashion and beauty. I initially wanted to get into beauty but decided on a different path when I started at FIDM. At the time, FIDM didn't provide their beauty related programs at their San Francisco campus and so I moved forward with Fashion. When I was in my last quarter of completing my Bachelors degree, I got pregnant with Mila. So Mila got to walk the stage with me in the womb while I was 8 months pregnant with her and I secretly wish that degree applied to Mila too since she was (kinda) there and because school is expensive AF. 

Mom college graduate

After having Mila, I became a SAHM but I wanted to keep my fashion dreams alive, enter Mila James. Mila James because, Mila, my first born and James because, my husband is my biggest supporter and it's his middle name. I started Mila James in 2016 and it has been a rough ride ever since. My journey hasn't been an easy one but there's always something in me telling me not to give up quite yet. I don't know what it is, but it's there. 

I'm here to create pieces your kids can use to learn how to style and dress themselves. Classic pieces for everyday fun! Graphic tees are the easiest to style, to wear, and so trendy, can't go wrong with that! Pieces that have no front or back so kids can slip them on no problem. Reversible pieces so you can have SEVERAL options to style one simple and classic piece. I mean really, reversible is here to help save you from having to pack multiple outfits. You can wear these pieces to all  those special places, get messy in it, flip it right over and put on a brand new polished outfit! It's a win win sitch, folks!  

One dress, two ways! 

I have so many hopes and dreams for my future and for the future of Mila James. I hope to one day do collabs and create reversible pieces with other amazing women. I hope to get "Have Fun Little One" out there and on all the little kids and all the things they use! I mean, how cute would a "Have Fun Little One" planner be? For older kids who have to plan out their soccer games, dance practices, big tests, movie nights with their friends, and all the other things kids these days are up to. What better way to prep a kid for the future than a planner that allows them to keep track of their own activities in a fun way! Maybe a future collab with Bando? Dream come true! I hope I can create a place to employ other mothers who want to have the flexibility of working and mom'ing at the same time. If Mila James doesn't grow to fulfill all these dreams, I hope I can one day take a large building and create several little offices amongst this building and house spaces for all the women who are trying to build and grow their own businesses. A space where women can bring their children, provide them day care, and have their own office space to grow their dreams, all in the same building. I say this because I wish I had this. Does this exist?? If so, tell me please! 



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