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A new Have Fun Little One tee has hit the shop yet again and I'm so excited! I absolutely love this font and the rolled sleeves we've added to these tees. It really gives it a trendy look that can be styled in so many ways. While I love all of the HFLO products, this font really embodies my style. It gives me bohemian feels, a little grungy, a little vintage, and a whole lotta cuteness!  

Have Fun Little One

I've gotten into how Have Fun Little One has come about, if you need a little refresher, click here! But I wanted to take some time now to get a little deeper into it. 


Have Fun Little One

Have Fun Little One is so much more than just a graphic tee. It's a message. A message not only to little kids, but big kids and even bigger kids. I'm going to share some personal stuff here so get ready! 

Let's rewind back to a SUPER long time ago to a far away country where there was a young 16 year old girl, let's call her my mom. Think back to when you were 16, you were just a kid right?! Your maturity level isn't that far off from a 10 year old but you think your maturity level is that of a 20 year old, amirite? Your hormones are all over the place and you're so torn between your love of barbies and wanting to be cool with your walkman (referencing back to when I was 16). Okay, now let me tell you, your 16 year old self, that it's time to get married. MARRIED! To a man, we'll call him my dad, who you've only met once, never spoken to and is quite a bit older than you. Don't judge, this was the life they knew and how they lived. You'll soon be moving to America (with no family/friends) without any knowledge of where you'll be landing, the language everyone speaks, and barely any education.


Have Fun Little One

This person was ripped of her childhood. 16 year olds are kids, kids who may think they're adults, but let's be real, they're kids. This kid who lost her childhood way too soon and had no choice but to grow up. This is for her. She deserves her childhood, she deserves to have fun. 

Forward to some number of years later, this said 16 year old who was a bit older now was a mother to her own 16 year old, let's call her Amrita. Before I get into this part, remind yourself that this mother was raised a certain way, in another country, and was pretty set in her ways. Now, this new 16 year old who wanted to go to the school dances (and has NEVER been to one), stay over at her friends house, get her driver's license, and do all the basic 16 year old activities but wasn't allowed to. She grew up, got married, and that was the first time she ever lived away from home and was able to make her own decisions. She then took the opportunity to go to the school she wanted to and do so many of the things she wasn't allowed to do. This is for her. That 16 year old deserves so many years of lost childhood fun! 


Have Fun Little One

Now, present day, where the last 16 year old girl has her own little girl, let's call her Mila. She's one sweet little 4.5 year old (don't get caught calling her 4 🔪) who has recently been non-stop talking about growing up. She's always asking her mama about life as a 10 year old. Saying things like "Mama, when I'm 5, can I do this, when I'm 10 can I have that." "Mama, when am I going to grow up, when can I be a big kid." Why are kids in such a rush to grow up. Mila says being a grown up looks like fun. I'm pretty sure the only reason she wants to be a grown up is so she can be in control of her own snack times! If you didn't already know, I am talking about myself and Mila, Haha! Apparently, I make being a grown up look like so much fun even though I'm basically winging everything I'm doing (totally feeling like I'm failing at just about everything) and wishing we could switch lives and live out my Freaky Friday dreams, Jodie Foster version because that's my faves. I constantly remind her that she should love being 4.5 and that being an adult sucks most of the time. Enjoy your time now kid, because as soon as you grow up, you're taking over mama's student loans! HAHAHA JK! (kinda) It hurts my heart that she wants to grow up so fast, she's my babyyyyy. This is for her. Stop, enjoy being a child, run, play, be little! Have fun my little one! 


Have Fun Little One

Isn't it odd that so many kids want to grow up so fast and then there are those kids who have no choice but to let go of their childhood and grow up faster than they'd like. So many kids who experience the unimaginable, things even as adults we'd never want to live through. This is for them. They need the fun, they deserve all the fun. Have fun little one, today, tomorrow, in 10 years, in 100 years, always have fun! 


Have Fun Little One


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