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My pre-mom days were filled with spending hours on my hair and makeup. My love for makeup grew in my late teen/early adult years. I love how it makes me feel, the experimenting, the colors; I just love the art of doing makeup. It has always been a huge passion for me. 

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My post-mom days are filled with dreading doing my makeup. Not because I hate it, no way, never! In fact, now I feel like my face needs it more, haha! It’s that extra time I have to take out of my day to apply it when, as moms, we all know there’s so much more we could be doing. I remember my first couple of months as a new mom, I’d be breastfeeding the baby what felt like every 20 minutes so my makeup time would get interrupted and eventually I would just give up. Pre-mom me would rarely ever go out of the house without makeup on but post-mom me rarely ever goes out of the house with makeup on, haha! My, how times have changed. 

I love trying new products, so once I got to a comfortable state of being a mom and trying to get back to my old self, I went on a hunt for products I knew I needed that would make me feel better about my appearance. Here’s a look at a few products I’m loving right now:

1. If you’re looking for a mini spa day to freshen up the face, try the Tony Moly Rice Face Mask sheet (Sephora). This mask is great for those who are looking for clear skin, my skin felt super soft and smooth after the first time. Tony Moly offers all kinds of masks targeting different problem areas, so find what you’re looking for, lie down and enjoy! The Que Bella Professional Gel Eye Masks (Target) are a great quick fix for those sleepless night bags. These products are also super inexpensive. 

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2. One thing I always try and remember to apply is sunscreen! I never worried about this when I was younger, but now I know the importance of it and I find it easier to remember because I always apply sunscreen on my little Mila. Coola has been a fave of mine for quite some time now. I used to use the Coola Face SPF 30 in the cucumber scent (which smells great!) but I wanted to up my SPF so I switched to the Coola Sport SPF 50 in the fresh mango scent, which also smells really good (Ulta). I am loving this so far, it doesn’t leave that white ashy residue behind after you apply and it is also moisturizing. I also started using the Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30 (Ulta), which I think is a must if you are in the sun a lot with makeup on. It’s the perfect way to continuously reapply sunscreen without messing with your makeup. It lasts me a long time because I am rarely ever in the sun for hours at a time but when I am, this works great!

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3. I have really dry skin, so after sunscreen, I typically apply a moisturizer and primer. Right now I’m using the Belif Milky Moisturizer and the Too Faced Primed & Poreless primer (both products found at Sephora). I love both of these products but I also recently tried the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base and learned that this basically acts as both a moisturizer and primer! Score! One less step and one less product, but if you’d like to keep them separate, I’d still recommend the products I mentioned above. 

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4. Concealer is key! Honestly, I just really started using concealer after becoming a mom because that’s when the under eye issues really began. I dab some of the Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector by Becca in shade Peach under my eye (Sephora) with a small brush (Sonia Kashuk #106, found at Target) and then go over it with a concealer. This peach color is best for my skin tone so I’d recommend finding the right color for your skin. The two concealers that I go between are pretty similar in texture but I do feel that the Make Up For Ever Ulta HD Concealer also adds a bit of a highlight where as the Nars Radiant Cream Concealer looks a bit more natural on me (for an everyday look). That’s because of the shades I chose, so really, it’s just your preference on what you like in a concealer but these two are both great!

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5. I recently found the most perfect foundation. Having the right foundation is a total game changer and I would definitely recommend investing in a really good one. It’s the base of your makeup and it controls how smooth your skin will look all day. Foundation has a huge potential to make you break out or cause skin irritation, so ladies, invest! If you are on the hunt for the best foundation for you, I totally recommend going to your local Sephora and getting a Color IQ done. This tool is able to give you a close to exact color number for your skin. They then take that number and show you all the brands that carry a foundation in your color according to your skin type, the finish you like (matte vs. dewy), etc. It’s one of the greatest things invented, haha, well not really, but it’s so important to have the right foundation color. Below is the color and foundation I was matched with along with the little Color IQ card Sephora gave me to remember my number. Shout out to Lori, who really took the time to try different foundations on me till I found the right one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been back and forth returning and exchanging products. Who has time for that? Lori matched me with the Teint Couture Givenchy foundation. Love, love, LOVE this product. For me, the coverage is medium to full without looking cakey, it didn’t irritate my skin (I have super sensitive skin) and I like the smell of it. It doesn’t feel heavy, it lasted all day, and it still looked fresh at the end of a long day. 

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As a mom, I’ve realized how important using good skin care and makeup is. It’s not just because I’m trying to hide my mom bags, but also because it makes me feel better - and when I feel better, I mom better. 

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