Better Late Than Never...

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Well, Spring is gone and we're basically mid-Summer now, haha! Jk, but really, these long hot days got me feeling like we've been in Summer for at least a full month already! 

Anyway, I had every intention on releasing some new goodies pre-Spring but things got tough, homeschool and entertaining the kids took priority, manufacturers stopped manufacturing, etc. I've had such a difficult time getting my hands on any tees, I'm seriously so lucky to have what I have! I'm still planning to re-stock some favorites but it'll probably be a while before I can as manufacturers aren't making tees as fast as normal and I'm pretty sure they're focusing on making masks (understandably!). But just know, they will make a comeback and I appreciate your patience! 

Now, onto the goodies that will be hitting the shop later than planned but better later than never, right?! We've got a new ringer tee in the dreamiest fabric! This tee is handmade by Bohemian Babies, who has such an awesome shop of her own! She also has the matching shorts to this tee and it makes for such a cute little OOTD! The graphic on this little tee is "Fun Girls Run The World." You know we're all about keeping it fun for our littles here at Mila James and I'm all for Girl Power and making sure ALL girls know they can and have the ability to do anything, everything and MORE! Who run the world?! GIRLS! 

Mila James Kids Style

Mila James kids style

Mila James kids style

Ringer tees will be available in sizes 12/18M to 5T. I'm unable to get larger sizes in ringer tees at the moment but hope to add more Fun Girls Run The World in classic tees in a wider size range soon! 

Lenny Kravitz

Also, have you seen this amazing message Lenny Kravtiz is sending to all the women of the world?! He sees us! 

Next up, this little retro tank! I'm a sucker for rainbow stripes, bonus if they give me 70's/80's vibes! I found this fabric and it was love at first sight! These are handmade by yours truly, ME! They're sweet and simple. They have raw edges, sewn on the sides using a serger, the material is super soft and slightly rolls up on the bottom. This was a fun little project for me because when I purchased this fabric, I thought I'd have a TON of time on my hands at the beginning of Quarantine but I was very wrong! It took me way longer than planned to cut and sew these! I hope you love them as much as I do! 

Mila James kids style

Mila James kids style

Mila James kids style

Retro tanks will be available in sizes 12/18M up to 6. 

Baby onesies! We'll be adding two new baby onesies to the shop! A sweet yellow and an earthy mint tone. The yellow onesie will be screened with brown ink and given the times, I thought it was very fitting to add more "Less Violence More Fun" to the shop in mini form. A powerful message delivered in the most gentle way in hopes that we can truly make the future less violent and more fun for our children. Our new earthy mint onesie will have our new "Fun Girls Run The World" design printed in white because even our littlest of little girls should know they have the power to do it all! 

Mila James Baby Style

Baby onesies will be available in size 0/3M to 9/12M. 

Next up, The Reversible Dress - Summer! First, these colors though!!! LOVE! Light yellow on one side and coral on the other. I just love how these two colors compliment one another and my favorite is seeing the colors peek through under the sleeves and at the bottom mid-twirls! These dresses are handmade by a local seamstress. Something to note about reversible pieces, because they are handmade, it's extremely difficult to get two fabrics to line up completely when the fabrics have so much movement and stretch to them. My seamstress did an amazing job at putting these together but please know that you may be able to see some of the reversible color peeking through at the bottom when wearing. With that said, I always try to find fabrics that will compliment one another so when one color is peeking through, it'll still look stylish! Please be sure to read all description details on the product page before ordering! 

Mila James kids style

Mila James kids style

Mila James kids style

Mila James kids style

Mila James kids style

Dresses will be available in sizes 12/18M to 8. 

Lastly, I'll be restocking our Be Brave & Have Fun in a classic tee in dark grey (asphalt) and will be available in larger kids sizes (2T-10/12). I'll also be restocking The Fun Mom in black (hoping to restock in white as well once those tees are available for me to purchase) and Less Violence More Fun in adult sizes! 

Mila James kids style

Your support is always appreciated and if you're reading this, thank you for listening to me gush about all the sweet new things coming soon! 

Mila James kids style



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